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4.5 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
9.0 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
9.4 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
6.0 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
27.9 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
15.0 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
6.0 HA ISLAND – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island
38.0 HA ISLAND – NORTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield Island



Description Type
5.0 HA LAND PLOT – SOUTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield plot
5.0 HA LAND PLOT – NORTHERN ATOLLS Greenfield plot


We also have numerous resorts for sale Maldives.


Tourism industry is the largest sector in which foreign investment is common. The Maldives in the early days of tourism had a relaxed policy to attract investments. This has facilitated private sector involvement and rapid growth in the sector based on market forces. All the islands used as resorts are leased by the government for private individuals or companies. Multinational companies and hoteliers like Hilton Hotels, Club Med, Four Season and One and Only etc… run and manage resorts in the Maldives today.


Many Maldives resort owners assign management contracts with foreign companies and some of these resorts are solely managed and owned by such companies.


The industry now is very much regulated by the government of the Maldives. Tourism is now developed and managed according to country wide policy based on a master plan. This task is carried out by the Ministry of Tourism. The ministry in the light of their development plan decides how many beds will be allocated in the country for tourists in a given period.


In Maldives the resorts are self contained island communities with all the amenities on the island. Each of these small islands is a resort. The government leases these islands to private parties to develop as tourist resorts. Bidding of the islands are regulated under Maldives Tourism Act 1999. Under this Act any island which is to be developed as a resort shall go on public bid. The bid document is issued by the Ministry of Tourism and it has to be submitted to the ministry before allocated time for each bidding process. The winning bidder is decided based on certain criteria they have set.


This year Maldives government annouced that they will lease 35 islands for resort development. Notwithstanding we do have resorts for sale Maldives.


As tourism sector is a wide industry there are scope for investments in many different related activities such as supply of goods and other services to this industry.


The Culture of Maldives is another attraction for investors and tourist alike. The islands of Maldives appear in-between the trading route of the Indian Ocean. Thus settlers, and visitors from neighbouring regions and around the world have come in contact with the islands for as long as history has been recorded. Such is the to-and-fro flow of people and their cultures, that a marked effect has been left in the Maldivian people, the language, beliefs, arts, and attitudes. As such some of the resorts for sale Maldives show different types of architecture etc.


The looks of the Maldivian people may differ from one atoll to the other, attributing to the genes passed on by South and Southeast Asians, Africans, and Arabians. The language, Dhivehi, differs in dialect in some regions in the south of Maldives, possibly due to the secluded nature and subsistent ways of island life. Maldivian beliefs have been very much based around religion and superstition, often used together in matters of significance but given separate positions in society. In matters of faith, Islam dominates, but influence of the supernatural still continues to play a major role in most island communities, possibly giving credit to the folklores and Buddhist traditions of the islands’ first settlers before conversion to Islam in 1153 AD.









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