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The Thai tourism industry continued its strong performance in the first six months of 2012, with total arrivals of 10,496,789, up 7.60 percent over the same period of last year, the country's tourism authority said on Wednesday.


The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) said in a report that the most important contributor to the growth was arrivals from China which, for the first time, crossed the one million arrivals mark in the six-month period to record a total of 1,124,234, up by a robust 28.87 percent over the same period in 2011.


China was followed by Malaysia, Russia and Japan. East Asia recorded 5,486,941 arrivals to Thailand, accounting for 52.27 percent of total arrivals.


For 2012, TAT has set a "Conservative" target of 20.5 million total international visitors, which will be excdeed if the international economic and geopolitical situation remains stable, it said.


Despite last year's flood crisis, Thailand' tourism business registered a record-high revenue of 734.59 billion baht, up 23.92 percent over 2010. The largest number of foreign tourists were from Malaysia, at 2.47 million, followed by China, 1.76 million.


However, latest figures released by the Tourism Authority of Thailand show that Chinese have now overtaken Malaysians as the nationality with the greatest number of visitors to Thailand.

Both deliver more than one million visitors, but Chinese tourists have surged up by 28.87 percent in the first six months of 2012 while Malaysians , have dropped off by 8.53 percent.

Total international arrivals to Thailand are up 7.60 percent to 10,496,789, with Phuket doing even better proportionately.


Phuket tourism onlookers who predict that Thailand will increasingly come to depend on Asean +6 for its economic growth and for tourism will find justification in the latest figures. As such, there are lots of hotels for sale Thailand and resorts for sale Thailand.

Among the top 10 nations delivering tourists to Thailand, only Britain and the US figure from outside the Asean +6 region.


As well as the remarkable growth in Chinese visitors to a total of 1,124,234, there's also Russia surging by 12.21 percent to 634,312 visitors, followed by Japan, Korea, India, Laos, Britain, Australia and the US.


The number of Australians rose by 9.63 percent to 427,096 with Americans increasing by 8.63 percent to 379,430.

Phuket's success continues to depend on the breadth of its visitor base. Resort managements report healthy figures for July despite economic gloom in Europe.

Outside the Top 10, Germany with 357,472 (up 9.71 percent), France with 304,717 (up 17.11 percent), Norway (up 17.59 percent), Sweden (16.45 percent) and Denmark (up 14.84 percent) all added to Thai tourism's current positive outlook






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