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Our transaction services provides a dedicated team of investment and hospitality trained personell to dispose or to invest in a single hotel or resort, or to dispose or to invesnt in a portfolio for a client and for our clients to make an excellent investment and or decision.

In disposal of assets, we embark on a very focused and market driven manner, to assist our clients to dispose their hotels and resorts in the most effective & efficient way.

You can benefit from us via:

  • Our track record and knowledge;
  • Specialist hotel and tourism focus;
  • Extensive buyer relationships;
  • Integrated global linkage;
  • Worldwide investor database; and
  • Tailored property placement.

Our fees range from 2% - 5% of the sale/purchase price, depending on the region where the property is located at.

All our discussions and appointments are treated in the utmost confidence and we do not insist on exclusivity.

For a personalised and confidential discussion, please contact Francis personally on +60123458762 or



For Hotel needs, contact:


Previndran Singhe
Group CEO and Founder
+6012- 313 8007

Francis Quah

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions - Investments
+6012 - 345 8762

Roja Rani

Executive Research
+6012 - 259 7819